Artist Empowered College Consulting in the Performing Arts offers ongoing support throughout the entire high-school career to your acceptance into college or conservatory program. Our goal is to ensure the selection, application and audition processes are as seamless as possible and that each client lands at the  arts education program that best suits their talents, personality, desires and needs.

Artist Empowered College Consulting Package Offers:

  • Ongoing Support, Guidance and Mentorship Throughout the Entire High School Career
  • Artistic Assessments
  • Navigating Training and Educational Opportunities
  • Private Coaching
  • Organizational Timeline
  • Monologue Selection and Work
  • Song Repertoire and Acting Your Song  (if applying for Musical Theatre)
  • Application Processes for Summer Intensives and Enrichment Experiences
  • Seeking Additional Performance Opportunities
  • College Audition Prep and Interview Skills
  • College and Conservatory Selection with Optional  Visits
  • Higher Education Application Guidance
  • Personal Branding
  • Professional Headshots
  • Headshot Review/Selection
  • Resume Work

The skills, experiences and artistry that are developed over the 4 years of high school, when navigated strategically, will  help students realize their passion and potential with higher education choices.

Freshman Year
This year is about assessing natural talent and passion, evaluating current and desired training and developing artistry.

Sophomore Year
This year will be focused on advancing your talent and theatrical knowledge. We will find what aspects of the field you to which you are more inclined and build your resume through consistent school year and summer programing. Also, the college exploration will begin.

Junior Year
Junior year is to fine tune your training, focusing on what makes you special.  In addition to continued training, college selection grows clearer. By the summer of junior year a solid plan for senior year will be put in place.  Optional college visits in three regions: East Coast, Midwest and West Coast schools.

Senior Year
Senior year starts with the summer before school even begins. Together we will finalize  your own individualized list of reach, fit and safety schools, establishing a timeline of deadlines, audition dates and requirements. Artist Empowered will ensure you are creating and completing a unique audition “package” that makes you stand out to each program.

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Additional Services:

  • Prescreen with coach/videographer
  • Accompaniment Services
  • Rehearsal Space/ Practice Room Rental
  • Essay Coaching
  • Dance Solo Choreography for Auditions
  • Line Running and Memorization
  • Voice Lessons