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Wednesday, November 14th: AUDITION PREP : Monologue Work with Sawyer Pierce from Carnegie Mellon  

Ages 15+ Wednesday; 8-9:30pm

Honing in on the transition from self into character and focusing on given circumstances, the ‘moment’ before, character analysis and audition readiness.


We will talk how to find your specific requirements regarding time period, age and appropriate material.  Talk  ‘what not to do’; along with some excellent examples of choosing the right monologue. We’ll discuss how to approach characterization, memorization and performance with appropriate material. Several selected to workshop their monologues.


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Monday, December 10th : Mock College Audition for Musical Theatre & Acting Majors with the Artist Empowered Team

Ages 15+  Monday; 7:45-9:15pm

Giving students the opportunity to step in front of new faces, this workshop will set you up for success for the ‘in person auditions’ at Unifieds and/or on-campus.

Accompanist Provided! Bring your Repertoire Book and Headshot/ Resume and Come Dressed in What You Would Wear to Your Auditions! 


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College Conversations

Join us for a Q&A session with Annie Yokom, BFA Graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama, as she shares the good, the bad and the best with college in the performing arts.

Prescreens to Auditions | College, Conservatory and Training Programs | Artistic Career Opportunities
*This workshop is for student/parent.
Tuesday, January 15th, 7:30pm

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Acting Your Song

Whether you consider yourself a singer or an actor, you are always telling a story. In this class, we will explore the story behind the words of your song. What are you singing and why? We’ll delve deeper into the world in which the songs you sing are taking place, establishing the character behind the song, and taking your performance to the next level.

Dates and Tuition: TBA

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The Performance Mill

Coming Spring 2019!

Are you a student at The School of Performing Arts and want to practice getting up in front of an audience with your solos in voice, dance, or your monologue, or stand up routine? Come and feel free to show your progress and get comfortable in front of people without any judgement.

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