Professional Audition Coaching

These one-on-one coaching sessions are meant for those looking to work at a professional level in Theatre, Film and Television, Musical Theatre or Dance.

Artist Empowered Professional Coaching Offers:

  • Coaching for Agency Auditions
  • Commercial Copy Breakdown
  • Mock Auditions
  • Personal On-Camera Coachings for Auditions on Tape
  • Audition Etiquette
  • Audition Wear and Presentation
  • Monologue Selection and Work
  • Discovering a character in a current production
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Audition Song Repertoire and Acting your Song
  • Individual ‘Branding’
  • Virtual Screenings with Industry professionals

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Additional Services:

  • Self Tape Help
  • Accompaniment Services
  • Line Running and Memorization
  • Professional Headshots
  • Headshot Review and Selection
  • Resume Work
  • Public Speaking Help
  • Rehearsal Space/ Practice Studio Rental
  • Voice Lessons

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